ASICminer Zeon 180,000 Sol/s

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$7,700.00 $4,499.00

Planned Profit

Time Frame ZEC Coins USD Power Cost Profit
Daily 0.72030000 $50.14 $7.92 $42.22
Annually 262.90950000 $18,301.27 $2890.80 $15,410.47

The calculation is based on the electricity fee $0.15, calculator

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   A unique miner that Mines Zcash, Zclassic, Zencash.

  • 1pc ASICminer Zeon 180,000 Sol/s equivalents 200pcs GTX 1080 Ti 11GB (180,000 Sol/s).
  • 27 times lower Power Consumption and Heat Dissipation (2200W±10%).
  • 10 times cheaper than 200pcs GTX 1080 Ti 11GB.
  • -9% ROI Annually.

1. Noiseless Water Cooling

  • Most effective closed-loop cooling system.
  • Silent high-pressure pumps.
  • Durability of more than 50,000 hours of working.
  • Will continue to work efficiently even if 35% of fans stop working.
  • Сan be installed in residential areas (due to the level of noise).
  • Water circulates inside the closed-loop system as a heat transfer agent. On both sides of each mining board installed aluminum water blocks in which water circulates. Water transfer heat from the mining boards to radiators, where the water is cooled by air and then comes back to the mining boards. As shown on the scheme.

2. Ready to use mining farms

  • Locks-latches for the assembly of mines.
  • A farm of 50 miners can be assembled into the mining farm on latches, by two people, in less than an hour.

3. Professional power connectors

  • Higher quality and reliability of contact.
  • High level of safety.

4. Professional LAN Cable

  • 10 meters cable.
  • Professional connectors.
  • Industrial standard connection LAN type.

5. Incredibly simple transportation

  • Fold handle on top.
  • Handles on the sides of the body.


  • Hash Rate: 180KSol/s±10%
  • Dimensions: 500mm x 500mm x 235mms
  • Power Consumption: 2200W±10%
  • Weight: 27 kg/unit
  • Cooling: Original ASICminer water cooling noiseless system
  • Operating Temperature: 10°C to 45 °C
  • Network Connection: Ethernet
  • Noise: 47db
  • Mines Zcash, Zclassic, Zencash.


  • ASICminer Zeon 180,000 Sol/s
  • 1 x Power Cable 3m (Plug type of the shipping country)
  • 1 x LAN Cable 10m
  • Built In PSU



5 reviews for ASICminer Zeon 180,000 Sol/s

  1. Jürgen Nadel

    best one.
    best service.
    best grade.

  2. Eric J. Roy

    Excellent experience I have ever gathered with this ASICminer Zeon 180,000 Sol/s.
    Thanks for this product.

  3. Bryan Jackson / Bryans Auto

    Perfect and trusted. Have come across a lot of scams on other sites trying to sell these.

  4. Danny E. Shelton

    The retail was excellent, the equipment of very good quality, everything arrived in the anticipated time, widely recommended

  5. Paul MK.

    Shipping have it 3 days delay
    In rest…everything is perfect
    Genuine product,trusted company.

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