Compensation Policy

Due to missing our recent estimated shipping dates, Asicminersworld has implemented a compensation policy for all customers who have encountered problems with delays in their order times as provided for in the shipment policiesWe will compensate you with the estimated mining revenue you would have received between your original estimated shipping date and the actual day your order ships.
Why did you implement a compensation policy?
We want to build the most trusted, transparent mining service in the cryptocurrency space. While our Terms stated that our shipping dates were estimates, we understand that you were hoping we would ship by those dates. We therefore think that the most fair thing we can do is compensate you for what you would have mined had we shipped on the original estimated dates.
At Asicminersworld, we very much want our customers to be highly profitable. That being said, we believe it is unfair for customers to request refunds on hardware due to market conditions that are outside our control. What we can control, however, is shipping dates – and that is why we want to provide you with this compensation, to effectively simulate what you would have mined had we shipped by the original estimated dates.
How will you calculate my compensation?
First, we assume that your units shipped on the original estimated shipping date, and that you converted your mined coins to US dollars (USD) at the end of each day. We then calculate the quantity of coins that each miner unit would have mined, based on the quantity of units we sold and the amount of hashrate already on the network. Finally, we convert these coins to USD value based on a daily average.
We use the below inputs to calculate your compensation:
  • Original estimated shipping dates
  • Miner Specifications
  • CoinMarketCap Exchange Rates
  • Blockchain Statistics Data
What about estimated electricity costs?
To provide a small bonus to our customers, we have decided to assume electricity costs are $0, which means we have not deducted any operating costs from your compensation. We hope this helps make up for missing the original estimated shipping date.

All the compensation will be transmitted in Bitcoin.